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Amazon is the place where you can buy anything you need from food to furniture for your home. Amazon was first an internet bookstore but then it started to spread to other industries, and today it is the biggest online commerce company.

Millions of people order different things online on Amazon, it is the fastest and the safest way to get the thing that you want. Prices on Amazon are often lower then there are in the real stores, and that is what makes Amazon so popular and successful. For you to faster find what you are looking for there are Amazon affiliate stores, stores that deal with certain kind of products and if you are looking for make-up products specifically,

then you should look for Amazon affiliate store for beauty products. On this website you can find beauty products that are divided into groups according to what area of your body they are made for, there are hair care products, body & bath products, make-up which is divided in few subgroups such as lips, eyes, face make-up and nail products, there is also a group for men cosmetics.


In these groups first results and the best selling product brands will surely be Loreal Paris, Maybelline New York, MAC, NYX, NARS, Chanel, W7 and others, but you can also find so called green make-up or green cosmetics. Because of all the things you can find in the content of your favorite make-up product such as animal cholesterol and fur, synthetic or emulsifiers, the latest trend in the world of cosmetics is green or natural make-up which is made without all these horrific ingredients. Green or Natural make-up is mostly made of minerals or herbs. Bite beauty or RMS Beauty are just some brands of this kind of make-up products, they have food grade quality, that means you can even eat them and nothing will happen to you.


If you don’t want to mask your natural beauty and change your face completely than natural make-up is the right for you. Unfortunately a lot of girls these days don’t think about the consequences of using too much make-up, it can make you skin age faster and just as it is not safe for you it is not safe for your environment too. Natural make- up brands are aware of this disadvantages of synthetic make-up and that’s why they produce green make-up which won’t cause damage to your skin and yet perfectly illuminates your beauty. Some of this brands are Bare minerals, Kjaer Weis, Origins and so on. Whichever of these brands you chose you won’t be disappointed because they will keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Bare mineral’s foundations and blushes are the thing you should try especially if you have problem with acne, they are produced not to clog pores on your skin.

Cosmetic on Amazone

Kjaer Weis is the make-up brand launched by Kirsten Kajaer, the famous NY make-up artist that considers health and beauty the same thing and that’s why her products are made of safe organic ingredients. The cloud 9 eye shadow is one of the first results when you search for eye make-up on Amazon, that tells you a lot about its quality, right?


L-FORMULA – ( carrot tissue oil and sea buckthorn oil )

This product uses only natural carrot tissue oil, sea buckthorn oil and olive squalane oil that benefits the skin.

It’s origin is believed to be high in the Himalayas, sea buckthorn shrubs or trees can be found growing in diverse places. As the name suggests, it can be found in certain seaside and coastal areas but it can also be found in other unusual locations where other plants would have difficulty thriving.

The Discount Organic Natural Holistic Skin Care oils and creams incorporate several powerful amino acids which are major components of collagen and elastin synthesis and assist skin to maintain a healthy barrier and moisture level.

It is known that each amino acid has specific properties and effects on the skin, e.g. repairing tissues, accelerating wound healing, improving the skin colour and tone and protecting the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiations.

In these formulations the amino acids were selected for their ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and to work more effectively in firming skin tone and improving elasticity, colour and suppleness.

Most of the amino acids found in nature are of the L-type, meaning left-handed, whilst D-type is found in bacterial cell walls. The L-form is more compatible with human biochemistry and can be readily utilised by the body. The inclusion of amino acids together with the plant proteins in these skincare products is designed to promote dermal collagen synthesis, nourishment and protection for your skin.

L-Formula - with amino acids + box(1)



The world famous Creme De La Mer moisturising cream.

Using  Creme de la Mer moisturising cream, ladies have noticed a real improvement in their skin. Women notice that their skin has been rejuvenated and lines have been reduced significantly, strengthening the skin on their face and neck.  Creme de la Mer moisturiser boasts ingredients which are proven to have beneficial properties such as nutrient rich algae, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. Women often choose a moisturising product that easily absorbs into the skin and leaves  a  fresh clean and soothing feeling.  Creme de la Mer moisturiser is the quality product that provides women with exactly want they want all around the world.


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